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on: November 24, 2017, 22:39:53
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 Another quick message to say we’ve released a hotfix today to address the issues listed below. As with all previous updates, the hotfix is save game compatible.

We’d recommend exiting Football Manager, then restarting Steam to make sure the download and installation occurs.

Again we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has raised any issue, left us any feedback or posted any kind of review. We really appreciate all contributions from our community and with your help we continue to try and make Football Manager the best possible game it can be,

Changes include but are not limited to:



- Fixed crash during processing
- Addressed rare crash when hovering over player role on quick sub panel
- Fixed rare crash occurring during post-match team talk
- Addressed match freezing when multiple players are in online match
- Fixed issue with certain editor files creating saves which cannot be reloaded


- Fixed rare issue of substituted player appearing on bench and pitch at same time on tactics screen
- Reduces incidences of cross/shots highlights
- Fixed rare case of ball not re-entering play after a throw in
- Further fixes for player names not appearing correctly within match


- Fixed players being re-suggested in scouting inbox despite having already been acknowledged
- Fixes so Carabao Cup 2nd round draw is completed correctly