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on: November 18, 2017, 03:06:06
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Just a quick notice to say we've released version 18.1.2 to address some issues raised here on our community forums. As with all updates, we suggest closing down Football Manager and restarting Steam to enable the update to start downloading.

Just to confirm as always, this update is save game compatible.

Changes include but are not limited to the following:



- Fixed crash/freeze during processing
- Fixed rare crash when joining online game
- Fixed rare crash when offering player contract
- Fixed Windows 32-bit crash on launch
- Improved graphics benchmarking for Windows 32-bit systems
- Fixed slowdown encountered when running custom data
- Fixed slowdown whilst editing attributes with IGE


- Fixed match freeze after tactical changes
- Fixed 'Teams Are Warming Up' dialog showing at incorrect time
- Fixed replay displaying at incorrect time
- Fixed missing flashing goal text in Commentary Only
- Fixed score inconsistency upon completion of network game match
- Fixed representation of player height in match
- Fixed invisible players on Mac OS X 10.9 NVIDIA systems
- Fixed instances of player names not appearing correctly within the match


- Balanced scouting costs within scouting range
- Fixed missing league expectations in Belgium