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on: October 31, 2017, 00:02:53
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We're pleased to announce the release of update 18.0.2 for the Football Manager 2018 Early Access Beta.

You will need to quit out of Football Manager and restart Steam in order to download and install the update.

The update includes the following changes:

- Stability fixes
- Added new preference for "data language", allowing you to have game text in one language, and the in-game data in another language
- Added zoom functionality to 2D Classic
- Improved pitch lighting in 2D Classic
- Improvements to game speed and fluidity
- Enabled Online Career and Fantasy Draft modes

We appreciate everyone who's taken the time to raise any issues with us so far. As stated in the original beta build notes, there are some other issues we've been made aware of which we're currently investigating for full release. If you come across any of the following please don't feel like you need to raise them with us on our bugs forum.

Early Access Beta Build Notes 18.0.2


- Steam Workshop disabled


- Generated player & staff portraits disabled
- Launch may hang on a white screen
- Game may hang on black screen after splash screens
- Text on Retina Mac display not sharp
- Processing panel can occasionally appear blank
- Fixtures can occasionally overlap on processing panel
- Social feed can bleed if scrolling


- Default attacking corner routines lacking variation
- Some red & checkered flags showing in crowd
- Camera height can reset on game reboot
- Unable to disable in-match condition icon
- Slowness in Commentary Only


- AI sometimes offer £0 for a player offered to clubs with an asking price
- Too many loan rumours in the social feed
- Player can incorrectly receive Dynamics boost due to incorrectly registered international appearance
- Assistant may not arrange youth team friendlies when instructed to do so if there are no competitive matches